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VSV Technology - valving

Valving is one of the most critical aspects of ATV shock set up. MOTOWOZ has developed a unique “Velocity Sensitive Valving,” or VSV system. Using the latest in CAD design software, MOTOWOZ developed a piston that has proven to offer a superior performance. Each piston is CNC machined from a solid piece of aircraft aluminium. The piston is then hard anodized for durability, and fitted with precision stamped valve discs. MOTOWOZ valves each shock personally for the rider.

The valve discs used on each piston are specific to a rider’s weight, bike set-up, and riding style. Shock valving really is an art, and set-up. Once complete, MOTOWOZ valving will react differently to every type of impact the ATV receives. The valves open instantly for fast, big hits, but remain virtually closed on small or slow impacts.