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ASP Technology - spring cross-over rings

ASP stands for Adjustable Spring Progression Technology. MOTOWOZ adjustable spring cross-over rings give the ability to create a tunable, progressive spring package. The solution is to control the point where each spring on a multi-spring shock will cross over from one spring to the next. MOTOWOZ is one of the only companies to offer this feature without having to remove the shock from the ATV, and the springs from the shock.

This leads to a very time-consuming process, it takes much less effort and because of that more riders will actually adjust them. The MOTOWOZ way of doing this only takes a few minutes and gives the racer the ultimate in adjustability while staying ahead of the competition. 

The key to getting good performance from an ATV shock is to tune it to the rider’s style. The ease of adjustability on MOTOWOZ product performance separates us from the pack.