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We are looking for some progressive riders who are interested in support for the season of 2014. We are looking for riders in every racing series, classes and European countries. We are pleased to help you with the sport we all love.

Please send us a story with: a description of yourself:
- how you live
- what you like
- other hobbies
- your riding
- your goals
- your results
- some pictures and/or videos
- why we should support you

What do you get:
- shocks and other MOTOWOZ products for a support price
- decals
- hoodie and/or T-shirt
- support with the adjustment of your shocks
- free support for questions and problems
- reduced service price
- reference on our website and Facebook

Please keep in mind that we are looking for all kind of riders, so if you are a young talent, amateur or professional it doesn’t matter. Send an email to before 31 January 2014.