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Sports-Racing ATV

The performance and adjustability of MOTOWOZ shocks separates us from the pack. Racers need a shock that is durable, reliable and smooth with quick adjustability for today’s high performance machines. MOTOWOZ shocks for racing quads gives you the rider the ultimate in adjustability.

The MOTOWOZ   advantage is a highly innovative manufacturing plant where we can customize our technology to the rider, if needed. Unlike any other shock producers, MOTOWOZ now has the ability to rapidly test new designs within days of conception to give the racer every advantage possible. Each rider’s height, weight, riding style and other factors vary, so the racer’s shocks should be manipulated to correspond to these changing dynamics in order to produce peak racing results.

All new and cheaper Steering Damper is coming soon to Europe

Linkage components


Find the linkage that fits to your quad and combine it with your MOTOWOZ Shocks.

As an extra service and to make the MOTOWOZ shocks complete we also offer complete packages for a very reasonable price. All packages start with a set of Front RC shocks and all parts can be added to that, so you could make the package as complete as you want.


Protect your MOTOWOZ shocks against sand, mud, rocks and roost with some shock covers.