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Rear Shock


Rear Shock Remote reservoir

Youth riders are the future for quadracing. Exactly for these riders good shocks are very important. Safety and performance are crucial steps to the new MOTOWOZ Mini Quad shock “zero-compromise design” process. These shocks are made for the serious racer looking for the adjustability needed at race time for top performance. “These shocks are definitely not toys — MOTOWOZ has uniquely designed these shocks to perform when others fail.” With these shocks young talented riders are able to become good racers.

Every Mini Quad shock comes equipped with a precise rebound adjustment. This is most crucial when keeping your child on the quad. The ability to slow the shock down is paramount on a Mini Quad. This is not an area to cut corners on. We have not done this and neither should you.

All youth quad shocks are built with regard to quad model, rider weight, riding style and more.



ATV Type

No weight

Spring preload
Spring cross-over rings
Low compression
Automatic high compression
(seperate adjustable high and low compression is possible on request)

- Standard or Long Travel
- Remote reservoir
- single, dual or triple rate springs (design permitting)
- aircraft-quality billet aluminum parts
- heavy duty alloy 5/8-inch over-sized shaft
- shafts chromed to military specifications
- VSV Technology (Velocity Sensitive Valving)
- ASP Technology (Adjustable Spring Progression)
- Triple-seal
- overheating protection
- special hose
- “Stub Acme” threads, very resilient to damage.
- high-grade oil
- hard-anodized piston
- precision stamped valve discs


Custom made
Each rider’s height, weight, riding style and other factors vary,
so the racer’s shocks should be manipulated to correspond to
these changing dynamics in order to produce peak racing results.

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MOTOWOZ shock bodies begins with high-quality, honed
hydraulic cylinder tubing that is CNC machined. The bodies
are then polished and plated for a superior look and full
protection from the elements.

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Compression and rebound adjustment
MOTOWOZ compression and rebound adjusters actually make
noticeable internal adjustments. These adjustments affect the
rate of oil flow in the shock through the compression and rebound
strokes. Both adjusters also work in conjunction with relief valves
that make them velocity sensitive.

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VSV Technology
Valving is one of the most critical aspects of ATV shock set up.
MOTOWOZ has developed a unique “Velocity Sensitive Valving,”
or VSV system.

How VSV works  

ASP Technology - adjustable spring cross-over rings
ASP stands for Adjustable Spring Progression Technology. MOTOWOZ adjustable spring cross-over rings give the ability to create a tunable, progressive spring package. The solution is to control the point where each spring on a multi-spring shock will cross over from one spring to the next.

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All MOTOWOZ shocks utilize two different types of shaft seals
protected by a third seal that acts as a scraper to shield the
sealing surfaces.

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Overheating protection
MOTOWOZ has also addressed the problem of overheating
which previously caused the shocks to fade during use.

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Description Retail price
Rear RC Mini-Quad


Rear RC Mini-Quad Long Travel


Rear RC Yamaha Raptor 125/250 Stock Travel


Rear RC Yamaha Raptor 125/250 Long Travel


Prices are examples to give an idea about pricing. For exact pricing for your model please contact us.

Which shock to use depends on the quad and used parts like a-arms. Contact us for more info.

Complete sets
Retail price
Front RC Mini-Quad up to 14,5" (37cm), dual rate + Rear RC


Front RC Mini-Quad Long Travel, triple rate + Rear RC


Yamaha Raptor 125/250 Front RC + Rear RC Stock Travel


Yamaha Raptor 125/250 Front RC Long Travel + Rear RC Stock Travel


Billet reservoir clamp


Prices are examples to give an idea about pricing. For exact pricing for your model please contact us.

Which shock to use depends on the quad and used parts like a-arms. Contact us for more info.

Please note that Motowoz is a custom shock builder. All shock builds are possible.