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Pricing policy

Fair pricing across our dealer network.

Since MOTOWOZ shocks are custom-built for each customer, the price you should expect to pay will be the same whether you buy directly from MOTOWOZ Europe (available for Dutch and Belgium customers only) or from one of our dealers. The after-sale service will also be the same as it is assumed directly by MOTOWOZ Shocks Europe.

Since we want fair pricing for all of our dealers and customers we maintain the same retail prices for every dealer. Therefore it's t easiest to contact your nearest MOTOWOZ dealer. We always intend to have a good dealer network. Your local dealer can offer you precious advice and set-up tips to get the most from your suspension for the specific riding conditions in your area. They might also offer you additional services such as installation, professional set-up or other incentives.

Our vision is that purchasing MOTOWOZ shocks shouldn't be based on price only. We always attempt to offer products for a fair and competitive price, that's for sure. But an innovative and high quality product and good customer service is at least as important.