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Motowoz Shocks Europe company profile

MOTOWOZ Shocks Europe is the official European distributor of MOTOWOZ. We offer all MOTOWOZ shocks and components to European clients.

We want to add some great quality products into the quadracing scene and we want to get you in touch with these awesome shocks. In the end, quality will be the determining factor, if you want to win races. We don't want to be one of the big companies you hear from just once or twice, we want to be the company you can always contact with everything you want to know and get an answer.

Our main goal is to give companies the opportunity to sell these awesome looking handmade quality shocks and components. And maybe even more important, to give the drivers a chance to ride with the best parts for a fair price. If we can reach that goal, we will be more than pleased. 

As an extra service and to make the MOTOWOZ shocks complete we also offer complete packages for a very reasonable price. These packages start with shocks and ends with a full package that includes front and rear shock(s), a-arms, brake lines, axle, swingarm, linkage, steering stem and rims+tyres. To offer packages for every budget and for every riding level we work with the following brands: DWT, Goldspeed, GT Thunder, Houser, JB Racing, JD Performance, Lonestar Racing, RPM, Six5Design, Streamline and Texeira Technologies.

Below you will find our general terms and conditions: