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Motowoz_Shock.pngMotowoz Shocks Europe

Motowoz Shocks Europe is the official Motowoz distributor for Europe. We take care of all Motowoz products for the European market. Dutch and Belgium customers can contact us, customers from other countries can find the closest authorized dealer here.

MOTOWOZ  makes top racing shocks exclusively for ATV racers and factory teams since 2002. They have been thoroughly tested in the most extreme climate conditions including the dry and dusty Baja 1000. Through a combination of years of professional ATV racing experience and off-road suspension design experience, MOTOWOZ has developed a complete line of ATV shocks that promises to take the world of competitive ATV suspension to a new level.

Most importantly, any racer or recreational rider will certainly appreciate the ability of these shocks to be adjusted anytime, anywhere.

Designed and manufactered in the USA.

To reach the highest possible quality every part is designed and manufactured in one building in the USA.


Custom made, no shelf shocks

Every single shocks is custom made for the needs of the customer, no re-valving needed.

Every level

Any racer or recreational rider will appreciate the ability of Motowoz shocks.

VSV Technology.

Motowoz has developed a unique Velocity Sensitive Valving using the latest in CAD design software.


What people say about Motowoz Shocks:

They make you feel like you are floating over deep deep deep whoops, yet sticking to the ground at the same time.

Ready to race directly out of the box.

With just a few clicks I can make mine go from pillow soft to rock hard.

I could over shoot jumps without a bottoming problem, they were also soaking up all the little stuff.

The tuneablilty of the Motowoz is so much easier and the customer service is next to none!

They aren't as mass produced so the precision and build quality is top notch.

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